Announcement Of ACE NPO Funding For AIM

Announcement Of ACE NPO Funding For AIM
Announcement Of ACE NPO Funding For AIM

AIM has been awarded £1.2m from 2018-22 by Arts Council England (ACE), to help museums and heritage organisations prosper. AIM will be joining the National Portfolio as a Sector Support Organisation – one of six specifically supporting museums.

The funding will enable AIM to build on its current ACE funded Hallmarks Programme, which helps museums to understand and use the AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums to strengthen their organisations. AIM will continue to focus on governance, and introduce new support in the area of business skills, whilst also building on the current research project into how to help museums diversify their visitors.

Plans include continuing the  Prospering Boards programme of bespoke support for governing bodies and there will be micro-consultancies available for museums facing immediate challenges. All museums will be able to access refreshed and new online publications. The plans also include new elements of support including partnerships with organisations in the wider voluntary sector, support for museums in developing stronger financial management, and support for directors or CEOs of museums when they are new in post.

AIM Chair, Richard Evans said, “AIM is delighted to be joining the ACE National Portfolio. As a membership organisation, we understand that running museums is rewarding but also sometimes difficult. This funding will enable us to do even more to help museums to address their challenges and grasp their opportunities.”

Whilst the funding is specifically to support museums in England, AIM will be looking for ways to roll out similar programmes in the rest of the UK over the four year funding period. The free, online resources will be available to museums wherever they are based.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming AIM to the national portfolio over the next four years. Museums are an important part of England’s cultural offer, providing a place for people to experience culture and share stories as a community and it’ll be great to see our funding provide support and development programmes for AIM’s 1100 member museums, helping each of these to thrive.”

Commenting on the wider NPO announcements, Tamalie Newbery, AIM’s Executive Director, said “AIM is pleased to see so many independent museums amongst those in the new portfolio, particularly the many smaller museums and many leading independents, some being included for the first time. We look forward to continuing to work with the museum development organisations and other sector support NPOs to help museums across the country, whether they are in the portfolio or not, over the next four years.”

Find out more:  Arts Council England National Portfolio: 2018-22

Photo: Courtesy of AIM members, British Motor Museum

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