How can Charity Finance help in reaching net-zero?

With five years passed since the signing of the Paris agreement and the latest meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP 26 having taken place a month ago, there has not been a better time to think about how your charity can help aid in the transition to bring about net-zero carbon emissions.

CFG, alongside partners PwC and CCLA, will be launching a publication early next year which will provide charity finance teams, trustees and leadership teams with the information and guidance they need to help make the transition to net-zero carbon emissions. The publication will enable finance teams and trustees to ask the right questions when looking to make the transition providing FAQs and jargon busting, and commentary from experts on the key topics to consider when looking to reduce the carbon impact of your finances.transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Topics explored include how to align your investments in a net-zero world, guidance on how to meet existing carbon reporting requirements, and how to be ahead of the game in reporting your carbon impact to provide a benchmark when making any reduction in your emissions.

We will also consider the potential changes your charity should make in procurement, banking, and pensions. It will not seek to be too didactic on the exact approach that all charities should take, it is only right that trustees and finance professionals determine for themselves the approach which is most suitable for their charitable purpose. But we are clear that all charities must ask these questions, and ultimately take action to help reach Net-zero.

If you are a CFG member and interested in helping with this publication or would like to help shape the topics and questions that we should include to best help your charity, please email us at

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