AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care audit – The Bahamas Locomotive Society

Bahamas Locomotive Society

The Bahamas Locomotive Society – Collections care audit

The Bahamas Locomotive Society was founded 1967 and collects, preserves, maintains and operates railway locomotives, rolling stock and associated artefacts.  It provides access, interpretation and education by exhibition to the public at its Ingrow Loco Museum, which opened to visitors in 2002.  A small archive was established as a repository for documents and books relevant to the Museum’s Collections Policy.

The AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care audit offered the ideal opportunity to seek an evaluation of our current methods of collection care and the success of our application enabled Peter Meehan ACR to visit the museum and provide a report.

It is gratifying to note that the overall care of the collections was considered to be “very good”.  It also confirmed our awareness that an assessment and condition report would be valid for some of the fragile archive documents, and also identified a small number of environmental improvements we could make.

Initially an assessment of the fragile documents has been arranged.  This is to be self-funded.  The possibility of seeking grant aid to undertake the other recommendations is to be considered; the results of the document assessment perhaps having an effect on subsequent action.

One positive result of the audit is that it has brought the care and conservation of the collection to the mind of all the Trustees, and in a manner that highlights the need to ensure the subject receives the necessary support.  Its impartial evaluation and recommendations will continue to be a valid source in considering the Museum’s forward planning.

Pete Skellon, Collections Manager, Bahamas Locomotive Society

Pictured: Display at The Bahamas Locomotive Society