AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

AIM grant £1,100

Collections care is at the centre of all activity at Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum (RCAGM) and is an essential element in its preservation strategy.

The AIM funded audit commended the existing collections care work of staff and volunteers, but highlighted areas to enhance this good practice and ensure successful collections care for the long term.

The audit highlighted four main areas for consideration:

  1. Review of collections care documentation and procedures and improve access to the information they contain.
  2. Review collections care data relating to environmental monitoring and collections surveys to inform future collections care priorities and budget planning.
  3. Expand opportunities to engage and empower all staff in collections care activities and encourage open dialogue.
  4. Expand opportunities for collections care advocacy and enhance visitor engagement and interaction by bringing behind the scenes practice to front stage.

The suggestions and recommendations made in the audit report will help to ensure a robust and sustainable collections care strategy and practice, which will be proactive, responsive, and able to withstand any future challenges and organisational changes.

Pictured: Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum