AIM Pilgrim Trust – Museum of the Isles

Museum of the Isles – AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Grant
Wireless Environmental Monitoring System  

The assistance from AIM was instrumental to the acquisition of continuous environmental monitoring equipment and software. The grant has allowed us to install continuous monitoring software across our seven public galleries and three museum stores. The Museum’s galleries and stores are now monitored 24/7 and staff can accurately review the conditions across periods of time. Purchasing this equipment now allows us to view seasonal changes and understand the impact of external environmental conditions within the museum far better than was possible with handheld spot checks. We can react quickly to changes in environment and by monitoring the collections we can ensure they are conserved in a stable environment both now and in future. The data can be provided to museums when requesting items for loan and has had a positive impact on the museum’s progress towards improving care of our collections.  

Linda Spence, Museum Manager and Archivist