AIM training grant – Museum of Bath Stone

Museum of Bath Stone – Training grant
Heritage Interpretation Online with Sarah Oswald, in partnership with AHI and GEM

Attending GEM’s Heritage Interpretation Online course has transformed our approach to interpretation. We are so thankful to have been successful in our application to AIM’s Training Grant scheme, which has enabled us to participate in this experience. It has changed the way in which I would naturally approach the creation of new interpretation and changed my perception of this being an academic practice to more of an art form.

The course has an outstanding structure and facilitator who, throughout the six sessions, shared with us a methodology we can each adopt, to allow us to make sense of and beautifully execute the changes and improvements we wish to make, with the visitor at the heart of everything we do. Thank you AIM for making this possible and, allowing this newfound knowledge to make a continued difference to our museum.

Miranda Litchfield, Chief Executive, Museum of Bath Stone