The Judge’s Lodging – AIM Hallmarks in Wales grant

The Judge'sLodging, Presteigne
The Judge'sLodging, Presteigne

Rebranding and revitalising The Judge’s Lodging public image 

The branding element of the project has been very successful and fully integrated in everything the museum now produces, from uniforms and shop merchandise to signage and writing paper. During the development process, various design options were shared with staff, volunteers, members of the public and colleagues from local tourism marketing as it was important to get input from those who would see the immediate impact of the new style’s use.

Approximately 60 new images have been taken to date for use in marketing. some of these have been put to immediate use within the newly rebranded marketing materials. This part of the project took a slightly unexpected turn, with a young local photographer offering their services to us at the cost of only their expenses. We initially allowed him free reign to photograph interesting points of the building’s period rooms and collections, wanting a perspective from outside of the organisation. Images were then shown to a group of volunteers and specific additional images were requested.

The website element of the project has been the most challenging as it has been subject to delays caused primarily by a lack of capacity of the project leader following the unanticipated major changes to the museum’s operation. However, it will be worked on as priority when the museum shuts for the winter and will go live within a few months.

When launched, the new website will provide an opportunity to showcase the building and collections in as format that is more accessible to modern technology and users, to allow us to expand our income generating potential through new packages for a variety of experiences and building uses, which were not contemplated before.

The new branding is already showing that it is making a big impact in all sorts of areas, from publicity materials that appeal, shop merchandise that is eye-catching to uniforms that bring the workforce together in a real feeling of teamwork. We have a more vibrant, modern image in everything we offer from events information to fundraising materials. We feel that it has revitalised us – given us a real sense of moving forwards into the future.

Gabrielle Rivers, Museum Development Manager, The Judge’s Lodging.