AIM Pilgrim Trust – The Brunel Museum

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Brunel Museum  

The audit was both comprehensive and instructive, addressing not only how to stabilise certain environmental conditions (humidity, lighting, temperature, pests etc.) but also options for better storing objects not on display. A little more focus on collections documentation would have been welcome though the audit has nonetheless given us an impetus to review this. The discussive feel of the audit – framed as a conversation and walkaround of the site with Q&A – throughout rather than a stern formal lecture was particularly productive. We were able to raise concerns and queries and noted advice given. We are also reassured by the generally positive conclusions drawn in the report, showing that there were no great causes of concern and that with a few small improvements and checks, our collections care can be effectively improved.  

The realities of working in a small museum mean that our staff necessarily take on an eclectic mix of responsibilities at once. Our de facto collections officer also balances a role as volunteer manager and simultaneously leads on our talks and tours programme for example. This can often mean that collections are overlooked or not given the full attention they deserve, owing to lack of time, resources, or knowledge. AIM’s support in providing a collections care audit has allowed us to renew our focus on our objects and has highlighted a clear set of priorities for our collection. We are very excited to welcome new collections volunteers to assist and improve the protection, documentation and exhibition of the Brunel Museum’s artefacts stemming from the recommendations of the report. We are very grateful for the support and resources provided by both AIM and the conservator.   

Robert Keirle, Museum Operations Coordinator 

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