Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Nantwich Museum

UV filter being installed at Nantwich Museum

Collections care scheme – Preventative conservation to improve environmental conditions
AIM grant: £5,000

The aim of the project was to improve environmental conditions in the Museum’s galleries, as some of the paintings on display were in an unstable condition with high levels of light having a detrimental impact.

The AIM grant enabled us to tackle two issues; the need to take steps to reduce light levels and secondly the need to gain a better picture and understanding of the environmental conditions in the galleries.

We commissioned a company called Sun-X UK to make and install UV filter and black out blinds throughout the Museum. This included placing film onto a problematic skylight with hard to reach access. We were extremely fortunate to find a local scaffolder who kindly donated their time and equipment to enable this to happen. Blinds were also fitted to three large, arched Victorian windows and a high circular window, as well as to more standard sized/shaped windows throughout.

We also purchased seven real time environmental monitors. They were extremely easy to install around the Museum. They upload temperature, humidity and light readings directly to a cloud-based system which allows us to easily check environmental conditions. This is ideal as we do not have a designated Collections Manager. We are able to generate reports to gain an understanding of what is happening within the galleries which will inform us as to what steps we need to take next.

Kate Dobson, Manager, Nantwich Museum

Pictured: UV filter being installed at Nantwich Museum