Reach wider audiences with Art Tickets

We spoke to AIM members, the Coffin Works, Birmingham and The Foundling Museum London about their experience of using Art Tickets, Art Fund’s free to use ticketing service.

Developed in close consultation with museum partners, Art Tickets is purpose built to enable organisations to reach wider audiences through selling tickets online. There are no set-up or running costs and it is designed to be as straightforward to use as possible, offering a comprehensive range of features that help manage tickets for multiple venues and spaces.

Sarah Hayes, Museum Manager at Coffin Works explains that they introduced Art Tickets after a survey where 70% of their audience indicated a preference to book tickets online. The fact Art Tickets has a supportive approach to developing the product and is free to use as a museum or a visitor was a real bonus too.

“We had actually held ourselves back by not having an online booking system, we had used Eventbrite for events, not day-to-day bookings but they took a percentage fee per booking. Having that extra 10% per booking at the end of the year, it can make the difference
between a surplus or not, as a small charity.

What I love about it is that they (Art Fund) develop it in line with your needs as well. Their team constantly tries to respond to what people like, to user needs. For us, it was a no brainer!”

London’s Foundling Museum has been using the platform since Summer 2018, as Marketing and Communications Manager Hannah Thomas explains. “We came on board quite early on as an Art Tickets partner, so we already had an online account where we upload our events. So all we have to do is click on an option to add that event into the ticketing system. It’s easy to use and intuitive.

We also use it for our general admission which we introduced because of COVID, social distancing, and limiting ticket sales. Options for
people to join mailing lists has meant that we’ve grown our subscriber base during these periods of closure, gathered more data and know more about our audience. It’s a useful, easy to use tool that has served us well so far.“

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