Training grant – AIM Conference 2022 – Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life

Jules Wooding, Museum Manager, Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life  

The award from AIM to help me attend my first conference was much appreciated. As a small museum we must make choices and the pandemic has made us think more about these choices. However, it was such a joy to be in a room with other Museum folk and the energy in the room was wonderful. The chance to meet people, share experiences, chat and network was invaluable.   

It was interesting hearing how Liverpool Museums had dealt with the pandemic, how Port Sunlight is bidding for World Heritage status, the strategic updates and the difficulties navigating a rebrand.   

I managed to attend a session on governance and the clear and concise presentation was useful for me as our museum trustees undertake a review. There were valuable presentations on sustainability with the roots and branches project and tackling inequalities, both sessions refreshing to a small museum that acknowledges the need for help and support in both these areas.   

This was my first AIM conference, and it certainly will not be my last. 

AIM Training Grants are available to support member museums to develop the skills and expertise of their workforce, either paid or voluntary. Click here to find out how you can apply for a Training Grant>>