Training grant – AIM museum trustee induction

The session was useful as it allowed me to meet the new trustees who were equally as nervous about the role they were undertaking, and also keen to learn. I was able to take notes at the session which I have passed on to the rest of the volunteers.  It was particularly interesting to consider the skills that you can bring to an organisation as a volunteer, as well as the new skills you can gain and develop by volunteering.  It’s easy to forget you have skills that are transferable to places other than your paid work and the value that volunteers bring to the British cultural community is a huge benefit to our country.

The second part of the training session was of great value and opened up lots of questions about the role of trustees within the charity sector and the importance of having clear guidelines and induction information available to new members as this ensures that everyone knows about the running of the organisation and their aims. Lots of interesting questions arose from the discussions. Also interesting to consider the roles of different members and how much activity should be expected of volunteers, trustees and staff and the role of the chair.

Great to know that AIM, Ruth and Hilary in particular, are available to ask for help as they were very knowledgeable.

Julianne Mackrell, Trustee, Museum of Bath Stone