Training grant – collections care training

The £200 AIM training grant allowed me to attend a full day of collections care training run by South West Museum Development and delivered by Helena Jaeschke.

Having recently taken over the responsibility for the collection at Ilfracombe Museum, I realised that I had large knowledge gaps in this area. The course was extremely practical, relevant, and comprehensive. It highlighted two particular issues that we can now work on improving in our museum: the need to review, and crucially test our emergency plan, and the importance of robust item movement procedures and records.

As a result of the training, I now realise that more of our volunteers need to be trained in the use of MODES to make sure that data, such as condition reports or movement records,  can be updated easier and quicker. I will also be providing feedback to our volunteers to ensure they have up to date skills and information regarding collection care.

Following the course, I feel more confident that I have the knowledge to be able to identify and deal with many of the common issues concerning our collection. I now know where to find any further resources, advice, and equipment to help us improve some of the procedures and processes we currently have in place.

Lindsay Armstrong, Manager, Ilfracombe Museum