Training grant – Modes user training

Towards the end of October 2022, staff, volunteers and trustees of the Museum of Timekeeping took part in Modes training.

The Museum of Timekeeping is based in Nottinghamshire and, like many other Museums in the sector, has gone through a considerable amount of change over the past few years. This training allowed us to properly learn how to use the Modes system, which most of us had never used before. We wanted to include volunteers, as well as staff, in the process as many of our volunteers undertake important research. We are also hoping to put together a cataloguing group of volunteers, who can continue the work of adding items of our extensive collection in order for them to be easily accessible and properly looked after.

For small museums such as ours, the training grant from AIM has been invaluable. Many training programmes seem out of reach or inaccessible, and it has been wonderful to be able to provide those that love the museum and its collections with skills that they can use on an everyday basis.

Isobel Davidson, Museum of Timekeeping