Training grant – People’s History Museum

The Peoples History Museum in Manchester were awarded £300 in August 2023, to pay for two team members to undertake mental health first aid training. In their AIM Training Grant application, they explained how they saw it as a core commitment within their forward plan to equip their staff team with the training and development they needed to feel confident at work. Having an additional two mental health first aiders, enables the museum to better support their staff team, visitors, and be able to respond to situations confidently and appropriately.

One of the attendants summarised the value of the training 

“I found the course to be thorough, well-paced and insightful. taught by experts, they created an excellent supportive learning environment, I really, really would recommend to any organisation – especially to have two people train, I think it’s necessary to have a team of mental health first aiders to support each other, which is highlighted in the training.”

“Thank you very much for providing the grant to support our colleagues to complete the mental health first aid training”.

Aine Graven, Head of Development, People’s History Museum