How helped a small museum reopen

Like many small museums, Bath Postal Museum didn’t have the means to reopen in a COVID-compliant way.

Setting up and maintaining it’s own booking system was too costly and the use and set up of a third party system, such as Eventbrite, was too complicated and time-consuming. What’s more, these systems are not well adapted to their needs, which include different ticket categories and prices as well as the ability to change (at the last minute) opening and closing days, hours and time-slots to suit the availability of volunteers or part-time workers.

“Divento’s system suits us because its flexibility allows us to re-open in a COVID-compliant way even though we only have two part-time elderly volunteers.” Nick Lennard, Trustee, Bath Postal Museum.

Divento provided a government-approved, user-friendly system, which has allocated time slots, flexible opening and closing days and hours, and which is queueless and cashless.

“I was impressed by Divento’s pioneering work.” Nick Lennard, Trustee, Bath Postal Museum.

The Bath Postal Museum had no set up costs and is now included on’s itinerary planner, which searches for all the local attractions and then calculates the best way to visit them, depending on where they are and what time slots are available.

“It’s very difficult to market a small museum. Being a small part of a big jigsaw is very valuable.” Nick Lennard, Trustee, Bath Postal Museum.

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