AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day conservation grant scheme

Applications have now closed.

AIM is grateful to the Company of Arts Scholars Charitable Trust for funding the AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day Grant Scheme. 

Objectives of the Scheme 

The scheme has been developed to help museums recover from the ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic and enforced closures that have affected many in the sector, with a special focus on small museums and others that have found it difficult to access other support.

It is the aim of the scheme to enable museums to undertake work that has been put on hold due to a lack of resources, closure of buildings and lack of access to collections, the furloughing or loss of skilled staff or volunteers, or other consequences of the pandemic and its effects. These are all factors that have had an impact on museums throughout the country, worsening existing challenges.  


  1. Applicants must be an AIM member.  
  2. Applicants do not need to be Accredited.  
  3. This grant scheme is open to local authority and independent museums that are registered charities. 
  4. There is no size restriction, but priority will be given to applications from small to medium sized museums. 
  5. Application to this scheme does not prevent museums from applying to AIM for other, unrelated projects. 

The Brighter Day audit grants are aimed at non-accredited museums and other organisations that are not eligible for our AIM / Pilgrim Trust collections care audit grants, Please do not apply for a Brighter Day audit grant if you are eligible for the AIM / Pilgrim scheme. If you’re not sure which scheme is right for you, then please get in touch with Fiona Woolley on

Priority will be given to organisations that have not received a Covid-related recovery grant from Arts Council England, National Lottery Heritage Fund, Culture Recovery Fund, or other trusts’ Covid-related funds. 

Brighter Day grant

Brighter Day is designed to enable museums’ long-term sustainability, in terms of collections, human resources, building and technology.  

Examples of things we can consider for support include: 

  • Collections surveys and cataloguing to establish priority areas of collections care 
  • Conservation of artefacts within the collection. This can include paper archives, paintings, archaeology, textiles, jewellery, ceramics or other social history and arts and antiquities objects with a focus on decorative arts 
  • Digitisation of an archive or collection  
  • Improvement to gallery or storage areas that will enable collections to be displayed or stored in appropriate conditions 
  • Skills sharing and upskilling of existing staff and/or volunteer teams 
  • Creating training opportunities for people from backgrounds under-represented in museums, for example non-university or from culturally diverse backgrounds.  

We are unable to fund projects around industrial heritage or other collections without artefacts relevant to the Arts Scholars’ charitable purposes.   

Grants can be applied for at a minimum of £1,500 and maximum of £8,000. Museums can only apply for 1 grant per round. Match funding is not required.   

Our priority is ensuring museums at risk of closure, losing vital skills and knowledge, or suffering damage to the collections are supported to ensure future viability.  

For the full details, please see the application form below.

Click here for the Brighter Day grant application form>>

Brighter Day Collections Care Audit

The purpose of this scheme is to enable museums to have a basic, professional collections care audit, to identify key issues and priorities for the museum, overcoming the financial, geographic, and further barriers to accessing professional advice.   

We are unable to fund collections audits where the museum does not hold artefacts falling into the areas of arts, social history, and antiquities, or the collection comes under Industrial Heritage or other collections not relevant to the Arts Scholars’ charitable purpose.  

The funded support will be £1,100 (£366.67 per day) plus travel and VAT if necessary, to cover the costs of the accredited conservator undertaking the audit.

For full details of this audit scheme, please see the application form below.

Click here for the Brighter Day collection audit application form>>

Closing date

Applications have now closed and successful applicants will be notified by the end of February, with projects to be completed by the end of December 2022.

If you’ve got any questions, please do get in touch with Fiona Woolley on We would encourage you to speak to Fiona prior to making an application.


15/12/2021 in Collections AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day grant application form

AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day grant application form

15/12/2021 in Collections AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day collection audit application form

AIM Arts Scholars Brighter Day collection audit application form