Grant application top tips

Talk to us! – Before starting an application for an AIM grant, get in touch first. We’ll tell you whether your project is suitable for the grant fund and help you make your application as strong as possible. We can also redirect you if it is not the right fit. 

Less is more – Be precise and clear. Remember the grant panel will have a lot of applications to read. They want to be generous, but you need to grab their attention.

Be proportionate – If the application is for many millions, then there will be much to say. If you are applying for £50k there will be less. If the application is for £5k less still.

Why us, why now? – Make a strong case for why you need this funding now. Don’t assume the panel know who you are. Tell them about you, what you do, how important it is and why you need to do this project now. What will happen if you don’t get this funding?

Read the small print – Read the guidance notes for each funding stream. Check your eligibility, timescales, what match funding might be needed, what additional information do you need to submit?

Answer the questions – Read the guidance and application form thoroughly and address all the questions. Don’t just tell us what you’ve done and don’t rely on generic applications.

Show us the evidence – Show us the evidence for why you need this funding. What research have you done? Have you taken any advice? How have you worked out your costs? Have you got quotes to back this up?

Proofread – Get someone else to read your application. Spelling mistakes, typos, incomplete sentences and clumsy cutting and pasting can all get in the way of what may be a really good project idea.

Be SMART  – Be realistic with your project outcomes are they Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed?

Stay focussed – Is this really the project you want to do? Stay focussed on the strategic aims of your organisation. Don’t just go chasing money.