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Leading eCommerce platform and app innovator, Convious helps Museums and Heritage venues grow by optimising every step of their visitor’s digital journey and ultimately, offering a great overall experience. Convious provides the technology you need to better know your visitors, members and fundraisers and helps you turn anonymous visitors into long-lasting supporters.
Convious offers a tailor-made solution and a true partnership to take your eCommerce to the next level.

VisiTrak, the iC visitor management solution, has been specifically created for the heritage & leisure markets, this system is ‘elastic’ meaning that iC products fit in and evolve with your business needs. You and your team access our sophisticated interactive reporting via the web, and can tell at a glance what is happening throughout your venue. The iC team is proud to deliver so much more than just counting who passes through the doors.

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Visitor Verdict

VisitorVerdict can help you by offering real-time visitor insights on a user friendly online dashboard

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