Grants Of Up To £12,000 Now Available From The AIM Hallmarks Awards

AIM members in England can now apply for a grant of up to £12,000 through the new AIM Hallmarks Awards.

Funded by Arts Council England through AIM’s National Portfolio Organisation funding, the AIM Hallmarks Awards will provide grants totalling around £55,000 each year over the next four years and are available in two strands:

Main grants of £4000 to £12000:  will enable museums to implement the key ideas of the AIM Hallmarks. We will support projects that have an impact on museums’ ways of working, culture, strategy or business model. These will be open to all Accredited AIM member museums in England.

Small grants of £3000 – £6000: will support museums to improve their financial sustainability through either cost saving or income generation. These will only be open to Accredited AIM member museums in England in AIM’s small museum category (that is, museums with up to 20,000 visitors a year).

“The Hallmarks Awards are designed to allow museums to make a long term, positive impact on the way they work,” said Emma Chaplin, Director of AIM, “and we welcome new and innovative approaches where museums have embraced the Hallmarks framework and have spotted an opportunity for their museum to prosper.”

The closing date for the first round of both strands will be 20 November 2018.

There will be one further round in each of the years 2019 – 2021.

To apply and for full information please visit:

AIM Hallmarks Awards


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