Guidance on Restitution and Repatriation released by Arts Council England

ACE have today released ‘Restitution and Repatriation: a practical guide for museums in England’.

The guidance draws together existing policy and legislation and provides a practical framework for the processes and considerations involved in the restitution and repatriation of items from collections in museums.

Whilst there is no strict legal definition within the museum sector, the terms ‘restitution’ and ‘repatriation’ have traditionally referred to the process of returning cultural material to its original owners or place of origin.

Responding to the release, AIM Director Lisa Ollerhead said

“This is a considered and considerable piece of work that will support museums, and their communities, in exploring a complex and sensitive area.

The practical, step-by-step approach of the guidance and the inclusion of helpful case studies, checklists and FAQs, alongside its underpinning principles of transparency, collaboration and fairness provide a firm foundation from which museums can review their own approach to this important area of practice.”

Read the guidance here>>