Case Studies

AIM Pilgrim Trust – The Egypt Centre

In 2019 it was determined that several objects in the Provisions for the Dead case were in urgent need of conservation in order to ensure their preservation and to better display them to the public. The case is one of the museum’s most popular exhibits, with the “food and provisions” activity featuring heavily in its educational programme.

AIM Pilgrim Trust – Ely Museum

The Ely Sedan Chair has been on public display for many years and has suffered some wear and tear. It was identified as part of a conservation audit as in urgent need of treatment. This project aimed to conserve the sedan chair to ensure its future stability and to allow the museum to display it once again when the museum re-opens.

Reach wider audiences with Art Tickets

We spoke to AIM members, the Coffin Works, Birmingham and The Foundling Museum London about their experience of using Art Tickets, Art Fund’s free to use ticketing service.

Staying on top with Tik Tok at Black Country Living Museum

Black Country Living Museum’s approach to Tik Tok has been a roaring success, garnering over a half a million followers and attracting headlines and attention across the world. But how do you get started? And how do you best sustain interest in your digital innovation? We spoke to Abby Bird, BCLM’s Audiences and Communications Manager to find out more.

Governance – London Museum of Water & Steam

London Museum of Water & Steam took part in AIM’s Prospering Boards in 2019. Liz Power, Director at the museum, tells us their experience of the process, which has created a stronger and more effective Board.

Governance – Ilfracombe Museum

Ilfracombe Museum have made a simple change to their financial management, which has had a massive impact in terms of putting the museum firmly in control of their finances. Val Gates joined the Board of Trustees at the museum a year ago and here she tells us how she’s introduced a dynamic model to manage the museum cashflow. 

Tackling inequalities – Jewish Museum London

Since March 2020, London Jewish Museum have been undertaking a skills and diversity audit of the Board. This work is already paying off, transforming the museum’s strategy going forward. We spoke to Frances Jeens, Museum Director, to find out more.

Tackling inequalities – The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archeology

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford has harnessed passion amongst staff to put equality and diversity firmly on the Museum’s agenda. We spoke to Rachel Davies, Director of Operations and Emily Jarrett, Digital Communications Officer, to find out more.

AIM Hallmark grant – Markfield Beam Engine and Museum

This project has provided sound organisational structures, policies and systems to support the Trust’s aspirations for future development.