Case Studies

Tackling inequalities – Jewish Museum London

Since March 2020, London Jewish Museum have been undertaking a skills and diversity audit of the Board. This work is already paying off, transforming the museum’s strategy going forward. We spoke to Frances Jeens, Museum Director, to find out more.

Tackling inequalities – The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archeology

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford has harnessed passion amongst staff to put equality and diversity firmly on the Museum’s agenda. We spoke to Rachel Davies, Director of Operations and Emily Jarrett, Digital Communications Officer, to find out more.

AIM Hallmark grant – Markfield Beam Engine and Museum

This project has provided sound organisational structures, policies and systems to support the Trust’s aspirations for future development.

AIM Hallmark grant – St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

The impact on our organisation is huge. It made us re-examination our aims, objectives and values; we interrogated our outreach and community ambitions and established a new fundraising strategy.

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The outcomes of the project are many: increased publicity and awareness of the Museum (needed more than ever due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19), a fantastic new historical display, a significant historical object no longer languishing and deteriorating behind the scenes and an object which enables us to remind people that HM Factory Gretna was an Anglo-Scottish endeavour.

Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Grant – The Fusilier Museum London

The aim of the collection move project has been to relocate material into a new purpose designed store, but also improve the long-term care and preservation of the collection, to gain a better understanding of the material that has been collected, and improve the cataloguing.

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Armagh Robinson Library and No5 Vicar’s Hill

The AIM Pilgrim Trust grant will help enable public access to collection items that were previously not accessible due to their condition

Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Frenchay Village Museum

The audit has confirmed the museum’s need for closer attention to the conservative needs of certain objects, particularly paper.

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Tring and District Local History Museum

A 19th Century sketchbook has been cleaned and conserved so is now able to be handled, displayed and enjoyed without risk of being damaged in the process.