Case Studies

Training grant – AIM Setting up a new museum workshop

We attended both workshops and found they were pitched at exactly the right level for our needs.

Training grant – Radiation Safety in Military Museums

An inspection of military compasses and watches after a change of administration and storage policy brought to light the fact that some of these items held by the museum were potentially radioactively unsafe.

Training grant – AIM Setting up a new museum workshop

When I found out AIM were running a two-part course on Setting up a new museum, I was eager to enroll and was delighted when AIM offered us the grant to cover our costs.

Training grant – Death and Culture Conference

This wide-ranging conference was a great opportunity to learn from practitioners, academics, artists and think about engagement in different ways.

Setting up a new museum – Museum of Youth Culture

Museum of Youth Culture is a new emerging museum dedicated to the styles, sounds and social movements innovated by young people over the last 100 years. The museum is formed from the archives of YO…

Setting up a new museum – Crab Museum

Located in Margate, the Crab Museum was set-up by three crab enthusiasts who are aiming to roll science, humour and philosophy into a unique and satisfyingly baffling day out.

Setting up a new museum – Corwen Museum

The Edeyrnion Heritage and Cultural Society was created in 2012 to tell local stories to visitors arriving in Corwen on the Llangollen heritage railway. The Society opened Corwen Museum in 2015 and here, Trustee and Volunteer Lindsay Watkins tells us what they’ve learnt and the lessons they would share with anyone else setting up a new museum.

Training grant – Museum Tech 2022

Three members of the team at Tetbury Police Museum attended Museum Association’s Museum Tech 2022.

Award-winning local marketing at Kiplin Hall and Gardens

Kiplin Hall and Gardens scooped the Marketing Campaign of the Year award at the M+H Awards in May 2022. Read how the campaign was planned and implemented plus discover Kiplin Hall’s top tips for working successfully with your local press.