Case Studies

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Tring and District Local History Museum

A 19th Century sketchbook has been cleaned and conserved so is now able to be handled, displayed and enjoyed without risk of being damaged in the process.

Not for profit café partnership at London Museum of Water & Steam

Making a café viable in a small museum can be a challenge, but London Museum of Water & Steam found a partnership solution that also helps young people with learning disabilities.

From going to giving – Art Happens offers crowdfunding expertise designed for the sector

Art Fund’s crowdfunding platform Art Happens is designed to give museums and audiences the power to bring exciting projects to life together, help engage existing supporters in new ways a…

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – The Wiltshire Museum

Remedial conservation – Conservation of Correspondence to William Cunnington I, 1799-1810 AIM grant: £4,750 The Wiltshire Museum is governed by the Wiltshire Archaeological and …

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Little Hall Lavenham

The objective was to stop further damage to the books and ensure the Library at Little Hall was safe again for visitors and volunteers

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Elgin Museum

The aim of the grant was to engage a conservator to advise replacement of the old wooden racking with modern museum-standard racking and checking of the some 250 framed artworks.

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Audit – Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture

The audit process and the final report has achieved more than we expected

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Lyme Regis Museum

Conservation has re-awakened enjoyment of an historic artwork of local and national interest for public display and geological science – and revealed period social detail.

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Nantwich Museum

The AIM grant enabled the museum to tackle two issues; the need to take steps to reduce light levels and secondly the need to gain a better picture and understanding of the environmental conditions in the galleries.