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02/11/2022 in Visitor Focus AIM Success Guide - Museum Displays and Interpretation

AIM Success Guide - Museum Displays and Interpretation

02/12/2020 in Governance Successful Governance for Museums 2020

This guide is designed to be of practical help to Boards of independent museums throughout the UK.

28/09/2020 in Visitor Focus Retail Success Guide 2020

AIM's Retail Success Guide has been refreshed for 2020 including the latest advice and up to date case studies from AIM members

03/09/2020 in Visitor Focus Successful Museum Cafes

Successful Museum Cafes

02/06/2020 in Visitor Focus Success Guide - Marketing

AIM’s Success Guide on Marketing seeks to demystify the discipline for small and medium-sized museums, providing an overview of what marketing is and a helpful framework for developing a strategy and action plan.

27/04/2020 in Visitor Focus Success Guide - Understanding Your Audiences

How much do you know about the make-up of your audience or visitor base? Do you know who is and isn't visiting, the frequency of their visits, what would make them visit more, spend more, donate or volunteer with you? What could improve their engagement with you and spread the word? And what about who isn't visiting but could be persuaded to? This guide will help you to consider what you know about your audiences both current and potential, why it would be worthwhile improving this, and how you might go about doing it. Crucially, it looks at how you can then use this knowledge and insight to deliver your strategic goals and make your organisation more resilient.

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