Increasing footfall with digital

In their latest Heritage Briefing, AIM Associate Supplier Heritage Creative cover how to best use your digital presence to drive visitor footfall.

The impact of Covid restrictions has greatly affected visitor attraction sites. Keeping a steady flow of visitors coming through the door is a continual challenge and the uncertainty of the pandemic is still being felt by many organisations. More will be expected from your digital presence due to the innovation achieved during the pandemic in digital culture and heritage.

It’s important to take into consideration that someone who is visiting your website could be planning a visit to your attraction. The usability of your website is the main factor in whether people will stay or simply leave. When someone lands on your site, they need to see instantly what to click on to get that information.

Pre-sell the experience. Your digital experience needs to mirror the physical one. By helping people to visualise your space, they feel more connected with you. They’ll have bought into your vision and your team and be much more open to upselling, and importantly, have a much more relaxed experience.

Include events, photography, social media, and blogs. These can all help you to convey your personality as an organisation and can also help to improve your SEO organically.

Incorporating local terms into your SEO strategy can also help you to improve your ranking position within Google. This means targeting your local audiences who might become repeat visitors, members of your patron scheme and are more likely to engage with any events you might run.

At Heritage Creative, we worked closely with Markshall to improve their digital experience and in turn increased their visitor numbers during Covid. We supported them with the design and build of a new website, which was fit for purpose.

“We wanted to showcase what we do, streamline our content and keep it as a platform for information should a Covid-style situation happen again.” Drea, Markshall.

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