Job vacancy – Audience and Business Development Consultancy for Newcastle Castle

Help us make more of our audience data and streamline our business processes.

Who the project is for?

The Heart of The City Partnership, a registered charity, operate Newcastle Castle. We work hard to uphold several key charitable objectives including the advancement of education and promotion of learning, the advancement of culture and heritage, and the preservation and protection of Newcastle Castle.

We have a small but very dedicated, specialist team who offer Newcastle Castle up as a visitor attraction, learning resource, space for venue hire and venue for cultural events.

As one of the top visitor attractions in the North East we know that we have a pivotal role to play in ensuring the success and vibrancy of our region. One of our goals is to play a significant part in stimulating the region’s economy by working with others to collectively make the destination offering more attractive and do this in a variety of ways. Equally, we have established a very strong formal education offer that supports the national curriculum. As such we work closely with schools, colleges, and universities from around the UK and abroad to support the teaching efforts.

Summary of Work

As part of our successful funding bid received through the Cultural Recovery Fund, we are looking to appoint a consultant to assist us with our audience and business development.

During this period of closure due to the outbreak of Covid-19 we have begun to adapt to new ways of engaging with our audience, and as such have identified areas of development.

We would like to engage a consultant to help us develop and better understand our audience. This will include looking at the various sources of data available to us, and how we can use this information (and identify gaps in collected information) to maximum potential to understand our current audience and predict future audience. This will allow us to tell a story of who our audience is, and by extension who are audience is not.

The consultant will also assist with our business development through using this data to help streamline our reporting operations for our Business Management Committee and Board of Trustees, in a succinct and automated fashion. This will include using data from online sources to automatically report into a dashboard (utilising existing programmes/ resources) which will report on our key KPIs.

How to Tender

Please submit a summary of relevant work completed over the last few years for other clients, an overview of how you would approach the project alongside a bullet-point list of experience and / or qualifications. Please include telephone and email contact details. Submit to

We wanted to keep the tender brief short and appreciate you will likely need more detail from us in order to submit. Therefore, please contact Ben Smith, Chief Executive Officer on 0191 230 6300 to discuss the project in more detail.

Scope of Costs

Total fixed price – £3500

 Key Dates

Submission deadline: Friday 29 January 2021

Tenders will be assessed based on relevant knowledge and experience.

We will contact shortlisted consultants in early February, with a follow up meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams before appointing the relevant consultant.

This work will commence mid to end February, depending on the consultant’s availability, and will need to be completed and invoiced by end of March.