Join CFG’s mentoring scheme

Would you like to tap into knowledge outside your current networks? Are you looking to grow as a leader? Would you like to be an even better listener?

Developed with Nicki Deeson, Leadership Coach and Business Mentor, CFG’s scheme works with over 100 charity professionals to develop and empower, promote a dynamic and flexible sector, diversify leadership and maximise impact at all levels of an organisation.

Participants join the CFG network of mentors and access regular Mentoring Motivation sessions throughout the year exploring topics such as understanding different learning styles, mental health awareness, and managing challenging relationships. One of the most valuable parts of the network is having a space to talk about anything – from troubleshooting a tax relief application, introducing new finance software, or supporting our own and our teams wellbeing and mental health – with a group of mentors who understand the value of truly listening. The sessions always involve an opportunity to refine our skills and sharpen up our mentoring tool box!

“This gives me an opportunity to step back, look outside of all the work I am delivering to focus on what issues I have going on, what my blockers are and think about how and where I can improve.” Cassandra Woolford, Open Foundation.

“I was only interested in being mentored and did not feel I had the ability to mentor . . . [b]y the end of the first session I had completely changed my view.” Lisa Dolor, SignPosts.

Nicki Deeson, Training Facilitator, shares her thoughts:

Why do I love mentoring skills?

People come to me with issues and in the past I used to try to solve their problems for them, over-empathise, want to rescue them – and now I realise that to be a leader the mentoring approach is far more motivating and effective. Every time I use mentoring skills in a conversation with a work colleague, a friend or family member, they come away feeling empowered and able to solve their own problems
in the best way for them, I have helped them to manage their lives better, and I am freed up to do my own job better.

How will mentoring skills help you?

Perhaps you want to develop your leadership in museums, deal with volunteers, connect with audiences, or link effectively with others in the AIM network. Or simply be a better friend, colleague or parent – mentoring skills will enable you to do all these things better, and feel more motivated in life and at work!

The scheme is free for AIM members and includes three training webinars where you will learn mentoring skills and build authentic connections with peers. Step out of your comfort zone and join our inspiring network of mentors.

If you would like to be added to the list for the September cohort of the programme contact