The Museums Lab 2022

TheMuseumsLab 2022 is a programme developed to support professional exchanges between curators, researchers, and executives, working in museums, galleries and heritage sites across African and European countries, enabling staff to share knowledge, skills and best practice and support their individual professional development.

Museums are part of societies; they bear witness to relationships between societies, countries and continents. As living institutions, they have a responsibility to learn from their history and actively shape change for individuals, locally and globally.

Together with 50 African and European fellows, over 100 lecturers, speakers and mentors from African and European arts, cultures and sciences, the MuseumsLab 2022 aims to change not only museums but also foster societal change by addressing urgent issues such as social justice and climate change.

TheMuseumsLab is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming experience for its participants. We value and promote diversity, inclusivity, fairness and openness and reject any form of discrimination, harassment, and racism. TheMuseumsLab includes an introduction into Critical Diversity Literacy to demonstrate its ethical values.

The offer

  • African and European leading-edge, multidisciplinary thinking and experimental practice in museum and heritage studies, divided into six distinct phases:

Phase I: online kick-off and online seminar
Phase II: seminar in Berlin
Phase III: residency at a European partner institution
Phase IV: closing workshop and farewell
Phase V: seminar in Cape Town
Phase VI: project work and presentation in Cape Town
Follow-Up: online meeting

  • Innovative formats of learning and practical skills.
  • *Residencies* at renowned European institutions.
  • Theoretical and practical seminars at renowned museums in Berlin and Cape Town.
  • *Networking opportunities* amongst fellows and with international experts, who are linked to museums in the African continent and in Europe by their lives, research, or work.
  • A joint certificate, issued by the German Federal Foreign Office, DAAD, Museum for Natural History, HTW Berlin, University of the Western Cape, the Advisors, and the host institution.
  • Access to the growing African-European alumni network of TheMuseumsLab.
  • Cost coverage* for the onsite phases in Berlin, the residency at a European host institution, and the onsite phase in Cape Town:

International and national transport
Local public transport (also from and to airports onsite)
Health insurance and visa costs
Entrance fees (Phase II and V)
Daily allowance
* Please note: Any other costs, such as transport costs between the place of residence and the departure/arrival airport, and travel costs for visa application in the country of residence have to be covered privately.

What’s expected

  • Professional competencies and experiences
  • Experience of at least 2 years in a museum, heritage, or art sector.
  • Professional Qualification – BA, MA, MSc, or PhD in a museum / heritage / art related field.
  • Personal Skills:

Ability to question established structures
Desire to hold a leading position and to act as a multiplier

  • Language skills – adequate language proficiency in English (written and spoken) is essential in order to participate actively in the programme.
  • Commitment to the programme – A prerequisite for the selection of a candidate is her/his/their binding commitment to participate in all phases of The MuseumsLab. The quality of the programme depends on fellow’s participation in all events and continuous work on topics across three modules and intense exchange, both among themselves and with the speakers and lecturers. Employer must provide of letter of consent and approved leave for training purpose.

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Application Procedure

The application must include the following documents:

  • The completed application form
  • A short CV (max 2 pages)
  • A letter of recommendation

The application (in English) should emphasise the candidate’s motivation as well as the personal and professional benefit sought after from a participation.

Please submit your application on the latest by 23 January 2022 via

The PDF-document should be named ‘Last name_First name_country’ (e.g. Doe_Jane_Germany).

Click here for the full details and application form on the MuseumLab website>>