Museums + Tech 2021: ‘Data Tales’ call for proposals

The Museums Computer Group (MCG) has launched a call for proposals for their upcoming conference ‘Museums + Tech 2021: Data Tales’. The MCG is keen to hear from practitioners, researchers, funders and those from related cultural heritage and technology sectors who are interested in discussing our relationship with data.

The MCG wants to talk about how the sector is using data, what insights it has brought to our work, and how to use those insights. They are interested in the collection and curation aspects, how it affects interpretation and communication.

What does and what can our data tell us about our museums (good and bad), what are the opportunities and what are the pitfalls? The MCG are open to suggestions, but topics might include:

  • What different types of data do you collect and own about your organisation, collections and audiences, and how do you use it?
  • What stories does your data tell? What does it hide?
  • What is our relationship to data, and the notion of technocrats in museums?
  • How can we help each other use data to bring about change in our organisations, e.g. decolonisation?
  • What sensitivities lie around data in the cultural sector, e.g. the impact of data collection on user trust?

Find the full call for proposals on the MCG’s website: