Reopening Checklist – Assess Risk

checklist point 2

Risk assessments of your activities must be used to underpin any new ways of working to ensure the safety of the public, staff and volunteers. The museum must assess and manage the risks of Covid 19 in line with existing Health and Safety legislation. This is dealt with in detail in Section 2 of the Guidelines, which also includes practical ideas for how you might manage risks. Use your regular health and safety risk assessment template to develop approaches that minimise the impact of any risk. The Health and Safety Executive have guidance on both consultation and risk assessment.

Employers have a duty to consult people on their health and safety, and the people carrying out work on a regular basis are best placed to advise on potential risks and how they could adapt to work safely.

The guidance highlights the government’s five steps to working safely that businesses should take.

1. Carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment
2. Having cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
3. Taking reasonable steps to help people work from home (depending on latest UK Gov advice on home-working)
4. Taking reasonable steps to maintaining social distance in the workplace (depending on latest UK Gov advice on social distancing)
5. Where people cannot socially distance, doing everything practical to manage the transmission risk

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