The Tank Museum

Job Title: Finance and investments
Location: The Tank Museum, Dorset
Time Commitment: 8 meetings per year
Contact Details:
Closing date: 2024-02-26

The Tank Museum Limited is a registered charity.  The Board of Trustees have full responsibility for the sustained achievement of the Charity’s objects, which can be summarised as telling the stories of armoured warfare, the Royal Armoured Corps and the Royal Tank Regiment.

Trustees are collectively responsible for the governance of the Museum. In addition, each trustee will normally have a special area of interest or expertise. The Trustees are the only members of the charity and are also directors of the organisation which is a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The board normally meets four times per year to determine strategy, offer advice and scrutinise achievement. Meetings are held in Bovington but can be attended remotely with agreement from the Chair.  Some meetings may be carried out wholly remotely depending on circumstances.

Trustee (Finance & Investments) Role

The Museum would like to recruit one volunteer trustee to play a lead role in advising the Board and staff on best practice in all aspects of the Museum finances.  As well as attending board meetings, you would be a member of the Executive Committee, which meets four times per year, online, to provide oversight over the activities related to the operation and financial running of the museum.

All trustees are expected to carry out their duties in overseeing the activities of the charity according to the guidelines of the Charity Commission.

Skills and experience:

  • Comprehensive understanding of financial standards particularly in the Charity Sector.
  • Working knowledge of Finance & Investments.
  • Experience of working in a senior/leadership financial role.

Additional  information

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: To attend four board meetings per year and the Executive Committee is also held four times per year.

Daytime or evening meetings: Daytime. The board meetings are usually held in person, unless otherwise agreed. Executive Committee meetings are carried out online.

Closing date for applications: 26 February 2024

Contact details or web link for applicants to find out more:

Organisation website: