Trustee vacancy – London Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum London (JML) is seeking to appoint four new Trustees as the Chair, Nick Viner, appointed in Summer 2020, develops a diverse, inclusive and forward-looking Board, capable of addressing the challenges of the future, following a period of considerable change.

The Jewish Museum London plays a vital role in telling the story of Jewish life, history and culture in Britain and in challenging prejudice, provoking questions and encouraging understanding. The Museum’s collections are made up of over 40,000 objects that cover themes such as migration, refugees, personal testimony, minority communities, faith and both material and ephemeral culture.

The work of the Museum is centred around a passion for bringing these themes to life and caring for a Designated Collection of Jewish ceremonial art, considered to be among the finest in the world. New Trustees will have the opportunity to be involved in shaping JML for the future against the backdrop of Covid 19, and the increasing reinvention of museums around the world. With the emphasis on community engagement and on the contribution that JML can make to tolerance of diverse and minority communities, JML is keen to ensure its Board members reflect what JML represents. Expertise particularly in the areas of legal, museums and heritage, audience engagement and marketing and digital is welcomed.

To qualify for these Trustee roles you will need to bring to the Board your professional expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to the mission and values of JML, eager to support the institution in developing its future strategy, and in realising its ambition to be an outstanding local, national and international player. You do not need to be Jewish, but you do need to understand the role JML can play in some of the major social issues which are affecting public debate.

JML is particularly wanting to recruit Trustees in the following areas of expertise:

Legal expertise: with a good understanding of governance and an ability to bring their attention to detail and ability to challenge to Board deliberations.

Marketing and Digital: able to provide appropriate support to the executive team as they develop JML’s work and outreach to multiple audiences in the digital media.

Museums and Heritage: with excellent insights into current debates about the future of the museum and understanding of the opportunities which current events enable

Audience Engagement: good experience of engaging audiences, not necessarily in a museum setting, to bring fresh insights to JML that can help them refine their approach.

Those with commercial experience, for example in retail and catering or in museum enterprises are also encouraged to apply.

Before Applying please read the following information:

JML Trustees Candidate Brief

To register your interest in this opportunity, you are asked to submit: 

  • A copy of your CV or biographical details;
  • A statement of interest indicating why you are interested and what you are able to bring to the organisation bearing in mind the qualities sought as set out in the person specification;
  • A completed Personal Details Form available from Liz Amos at

These papers should be sent to Liz Amos, whose contact details are:
t: +44 (0)20 3 004 4702

Please submit your application electronically and please note: CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 4 May 2021