Updated AIM Quick Guide: Donation Boxes In Museums

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Since its initial launch in 2015, the AIM Quick Guide to ‘Donation Boxes in Museums’ has often been cited by our members in feedback surveys as one of the most useful AIM resources.

Produced on behalf of AIM by Judy Niner and the team at Development Partners, the guide has helped many of our museum members to increase their on-site donations, as Gordon Cummings, Hon. Secretary at The Fry Art Gallery Society, confirms:

“Following AIM’s advice to the letter has more than doubled our visitor donations per head and I now give unsolicited advice whenever I come across a poorly-managed donation box!” 

There is now an updated version of this guide which can be used by all sizes of museum to help encourage onsite donations and meet your fundraising objectives. The guide also provides advice on the best positioning for donation boxes, how to communicate your donation fundraising messages and tips on setting suggested donation levels.

“Donation boxes are so often overlooked,” says Judy Niner, Author of the guide and founder of Development Partners. “But they are a really important part of the fundraising mix. They communicate a charitable message as well as generating often unrestricted income.”

The updated guide also contains information about contactless giving boxes. In an increasingly cashless society, the market for contactless donations solutions is a growing one, so download the updated guide today to help you get started.

Download: Donation Boxes In Museums


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