Using Sentiment Analysis To Immediately Improve Your Museum Visitor Experience And Grow Revenues

Data, information, fresh knowledge and insights are the lifeblood of any organisation and AIM member museums can now benefit from a new service from PitonsAnalyticsPlus (PAP) who have joined AIM as Associate Suppliers. The team are experts in helping you discover how your online data – such as Trip Advisor reviews, social media mentions and member forums – can really work for you.

‘Sentiment analysis’ (or opinion mining) has become a key marketing tool in recent years and it can help us to make sense of the vast amounts of online data that has rapidly increased due to the boom in digital technologies. It can be a useful tool to help inform business planning, fundraising strategies and marketing campaigns at your museum and can uncover exactly what your visitors think and feel about you.

But whilst digital has brought with it more opportunities to directly communicate with your museum visitors and stakeholders, an ever-evolving marketplace and the massive amounts of data now available means that understanding and knowing your customers’ needs can be confusing – and in today’s disruptive digital economy – Independent Museums may miss huge opportunities due to their inability to leverage their customer data assets for competitive advantage.

We sat down for a coffee and chat with Professor Paul A. Phillips, Founder and CEO of PitonsAnalyticsPlus, to find out more about sentiment analysis and how it can help AIM members navigate their online data.

AIM: Hi Paul – can you explain how this new service can benefit AIM members of all sizes?

PP: Independent Museums may fail to generate successful growth strategies due to their inability to closely listen to their customers. Following shrinking budgets, increasing competition, and social media, museums’ need to engage with modern marketing practices is now stronger than at any time in the past.

There is a need to explore and understand visitors’ perceptions of the meaning, value and benefits of their museum experience. Kotler et al.  points out, “the first thing a museum should do is to understand the characteristics of its current consumers and the segments they represent”. By understanding their customer voice assets, museums can make insightful-driven marketing decisions that can enable them to grow and be fit and healthy.

Big data has become a vital resource for creating value in a business. By understanding your data analytics, customer needs, likes and dislikes can be ascertained, without reliance on gut-feel decision-making.  Successful high growth organisations such as Google, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb use data analytics to measure, create growth and value across their businesses; not surprisingly, insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% annually.

AIM: Why is this a good time for AIM members to utilise their big data?

PP: It’s a good opportunity for Independent Museums to align their data analytics capability with marketing and sales to serve customers better and grow revenue. Comprehensive data analytics techniques will help transform all types of Independent Museums in the next few years. Capturing interactions across multiple touchpoints and devices will enable a clearer view of the customer voice and by factoring in customer gain and pain points into your insight-driven marketing approach will awaken your innovative ability to create growth strategies.

AIM: How Can PitonsAnalyticsPlus help AIM members?

PP: PAP can partner with the smallest to the largest Independent Museum to use our unique data analytics methodology to perform in-depth analysis on TripAdvisor, and other agreed platforms to perform full textual analysis of each written review. Our research has shown that full textual analysis can help organisations manage and unlock true value from their customer voice assets.

Our tested methodology reveals that knowing your actual platform score is only part of the picture. What is becoming more important is to understand customer behaviour through the results of textual analytics. Knowing the positive and negative elements of customer voice with regards to text polarity can help to overcome the challenge of reporting quantitatively about feedback which is qualitative. Management teams must identify drivers of high performance to make fast and informed strategic and operation decisions Museums are at a critical moment in their history; in order to maintain growth, they must deliver higher levels of economic and societal relevance.

Understanding how changes in perception drivers impact your museum brand is the modern way to listen to your visitors. PAP believes that increasing competition for share of the potential “customer wallet” requires management and staff to continually ask “Does our Independent Museum provide meaningful visitor-experiences?” Analysing positive and negative mentions in online reviews will help to prioritise operational and service improvements to enhance the visitor experience, build authentic customer relationships and exceed expectations.

Top 10 Benefits for Museums For Using PitonsAnalyticsPlus

1: Immediately improve your museum visitor experience and grow your revenues, by using modern cost effective and time saving digital techniques to listen to your visitors.

2: Track, benchmark and analyse reviews across your key multiple customer platforms.

3: Able to act proactively and prevent quick escalation of unknown visitor problems.

4: Identify key emotional triggers to use when communicating with delighted and unhappy visitors to enhance online reputational management processes.

5: Maintain a sustainable, engaged, skilled and effective workforce in order to deliver high quality visitor experience.

6: Educate your staff towards better management and identify what transformational organisational changes are required to create a strong customer experience.

7: Enhance your financial processes by effectively measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

8: Use the results of our unbiased study to drive your annual business planning, capital expenditure investment decision-making processes and evidence of need funding bids.

9: Use the results of our work to drive your critical innovation and new product development processes.

10: Free up marketing staff time from data gathering and analysis, so that they can focus on enhancing customer facing activities.

About PitonsAnalyticsPlus

PitonsAnalyticsPlus (PAP) is a new start-up data analytics and business transformation consultancy consisting of Strategists, Data Scientists, Human Resource, Knowledge, Marketers, and Finance professionals who can assist enterprises to take full advantage of their customer voice by translating these largely untapped assets into meaningful information, knowledge, visually appealing reports and insights. We are also able to draw upon a range of deep experiences and expertise across tourism, hospitality, leisure organisations dealing with data analytics and business transformation challenges.

Since customer data are fragmented across numerous platforms, many organisations are unsure how they should derive the most value from their data. This makes it a significant challenge for Independent Museums of all types and sizes to extract in-depth meaning, and insight to grow revenue and drive strategic performance.

We are now in an age where it truly matters to see the world through the eyes of your customers. Independent Museums are no exception and customer review data should be monitored both in terms of sentiment (reviewer scores) and full text polarity analysis of written reviews (with 0 meaning very negative and 1 extremely positive comments). Such insights will help Independent Museums identify customer gain and pain points, and identify those latent pain areas, which exist in a hidden form, and if left unattended will adversely affect the customer experience.

Please contact PAP by sending email to to outline your interest and explain what your current challenges are.

PitonsAnalyticsPlus (PAP) Website

Twitter: @PitonsAnalytics


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