Heritage Trainers at Enfield Council

Job Title: Heritage Trainer
Term: Freelance
Location: London Borough of Enfield
Closing date: 11:59 pm 18 April 2021

Enfield Council are offering a Heritage Capacity Training Programme. This programme will involve the delivery of seven training sessions to individuals and community organisations from across the borough and cover a range of topics that will give those attending the capabilities to devise, develop and deliver heritage projects.

We would like to hear from experienced trainers from within the cultural heritage sector who feel they could design and deliver an appropriate training session on one or more of the identified topics. We would be interested in hearing from trainers able to deliver specific sessions of the programme. We would also be interested in hearing from organisations who could provide all seven sessions, as an alternative delivery model.

Full details can be found here: https://bit.ly/3rHrECY