Recruitment top tips

The job vacancy page is one of the most viewed on the AIM website and related social posts are consistently amongst the most engaged with on our channels. To help your vacancy stand out and attract the best candidates, we’ve put together a few top tips to support your recruitment process.   

This list isn’t exhaustive, so if you need more help, please let us know, or use the links to further resources at the bottom of the page.   

The job advert  

Overview – the advert you supply for the AIM website should include an overview of the role as well as a brief introduction to your organisation and the skills and experience you’re looking for.  

Salary –include the salary, or salary range in the job advert. This is helpful for candidates but also best practice in terms of diversity and equality. Consider including the FTE and actual salary for part-time roles to make this clear. And check that the salary meets the National Living Wage.   

Contract type and length – make this clear in the advert, especially for fixed term roles.   

Job requirements – depending on the role, consider removing qualification requirements, or highlight alternatives to qualifications particularly where considerable skills and knowledge are also required. This will help widen the pool of potential candidates.  

Job description – please share the link to the full job description, and person specification if applicable, so potential candidates can easily see the purpose and key tasks of the job.  

Equality statement – you might want to include in the advert or job description a statement that you encourage disabled people or people from a certain gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religion/belief to apply. This can help reduce discrimination against people with protected characteristics.   

Application process  

Application method – let candidates know how they should apply, and consider accepting applications in a variety of formats e.g. video. This is important for accessibility and ongoing inclusion.   

Closing date – we’d recommend you fix a reasonable closing date giving candidates enough time to apply. And build the potential need to shortlist lots of applicants into your timescales rather than closing a vacancy when a high volume of applications is received. If you need to extend the closing date, we’d recommend explaining this to any existing applicants.    


  • Tell candidates beforehand who will be on the panel and the format of the interview 
  • Consider the interview format in relation to the responsibility of the role
  • Consider sharing the questions with candidates beforehand; this can help you get the right person for the job as candidates can give better answers.

Useful links 

AIM members can get a free 15-minute introductory consultation with The HR Dept if you want more advice on employment law and recruitment practices. Click here to find out more:   

The HR Dept:  

Information on regarding employing people:  

Guidance from NCVO on employing and managing staff:  

Curating for Change advice on equitable recruitment practice:

Fair Museum Jobs campaigns for improved recruitment practices:  

As part of its role representing arts marketing and audience development expertise in the arts and heritage sector, the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) has produced a set of job description templates for key roles: The AMA Guide to Marketing Job Descriptions and Skills – CultureHive