AIM Policies

Privacy and Cookie Policies

At AIM, we want to make your experience online satisfying and safe. Because we gather certain types of information about our users, we feel you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information.

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy discloses the information gathered as you use our website and how we use it.

Our Privacy Policy details what data AIM collects throughout its work and how it is used.

Our values – a commitment to good practice

As independent organisations, our members take responsibility for their decisions and actions and are accountable for them. AIM is an open, respectful, supportive and welcoming community whose members are expected to uphold the behaviours and good practice highlighted in the AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums, and our commitment to delivering public benefit. 

Complaints Policy

At AIM we listen and respond to the views of our members, partners, and stakeholders. As with any organisation, things may occasionally go wrong. If they do, we strive to put them right and learn from the experience, and that process is helped by our complaints procedure.

If issues cannot be resolved informally, we have a clear and straightforward process in place to ensure a complaint is dealt with in a timely and appropriate fashion and that we improve our service.

We define a complaint as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction relating to the AIM’s work that requires a formal response’.

Complaints process and pro-forma