AIM Hallmarks

What are the AIM Hallmarks?

The AIM Hallmarks distil and share the experience of two generations of leaders of independent, innovative and imaginative museums, combined with respected thinking and research. Since they were first published in 2015, AIM has worked with museums and heritage organisations across the UK to put the ideas in the Hallmarks into practice.

Download the framework: The AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums


Hallmarks at Home

Hallmarks at Home

This programme of online events is intended to help AIM members get into the best position to prosper and thrive in the long-term. To see what events are coming up and book your place, please visit our events page>>

All events are free and take place via Zoom. Places are limited, giving you the chance to have your own questions answered and hear from fellow AIM members facing similar challenges to you.

Find out more about the AIM Hallmarks

Find out more about the AIM Hallmarks

Click here to find out more about the AIM Hallmarks Programme>>

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Harrison at

The AIM Hallmarks programme from 2015 to 2018 was supported by Arts Council England through the Museums Resilience Fund.


Useful case studies

Useful case studies

Read the following case studies from previous AIM grant recipients to understand the type of project that we typically fund. Find out more here>> 

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  • AIM Hallmarks Awards – Useful Case Studies

  • AIM Hallmarks Programme

  • Purpose

    Know, articulate and embrace your ‘purpose’

  • Leadership & Culture

    Create an organisational culture that can readily adapt and respond

  • Governance

    Consciously practise Good Governance following Charity Commission and AIM Guides

  • Innovation & Risk

    Be adaptive, resourceful and prepared to take risks

  • Awareness & Networks

    Take part in varied, active networks and partnerships and have good external awareness

  • Visitor Focus

    Understand your visitors and supporters,especially the visitor experience, and invest in its improvement

  • Collections

    Collect, guard and make accessible your collection

  • Finance

    Be financially resilient andwell-managed as a charitable business

  • Tackling Inequality Hallmark