AIM Energy Action Group

100% UK Generated Renewable Electricity from Renewable Sources - not Cropped - 25 cms

How can the AIM Energy Action Group (EAG) help your museum?

Your AIM membership gives you access to the EAG. The main activity of the EAG is providing an Energy Buying Basket allowing individual members to participate in a consortium scale buying group. In addition, the EAG provides a full range of energy services and covers everything from installing energy meters, managing asset transfers, checking billing errors, and providing guidance and advice on emerging technologies.

Working in partnership with several other non-profit organisations, the AIM EAG provides a way for museums and heritage attractions of all sizes to:

  • Participate in an energy buying basket
  • Choose from a range of 100% certified and traceable UK renewable electricity and gas
  • Get help in reducing energy consumption
  • Transition to renewable energy
  • Implement Energy Management strategies
  • Get help with billing issues

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How does collective energy purchasing actually work?

How does collective energy purchasing actually work?

Once a year the EAG runs a group energy buying basket in conjunction with other like-minded organisations with contracts starting at the same time. The principle is simple and relies on good buying relationships and well organised bulk tendering.

All AIM Members are free to participate as they choose and can decide on the offer that suits them best. You will find that EAG group buying can really help cut energy costs and provide additional cash-flow to help your museum grow.

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How to sign up?

How to sign up?

Joining the AIM Energy Action Group is easy and free of charge. The group will manage all the negotiations in getting the best energy prices for you, leaving you free to run your museum.

To join the AIM Energy Action group, all you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority and send it, along with a scanned copy of your latest energy bill, to the Energy Action Group.

You can download the Letter of Authority here>>

If you would like to understand more about a Letter of Authority and what it does and doesn’t permit, you can find information here>>

What happens next?

What happens next?

EAG will review your energy bills, contact your current supplier, and check all your supply details, including consumption levels, contract end dates, and meter and site details. It’s important to validate this information as errors can interfere with the switching process and be costly.

Should your current supplier send you a renewal quote at this point, you should not agree to it until a range of competitive offers are obtained.

If you do decide to change energy suppliers, you will not be cut off!

EAG will provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Cost reduction services
  • Smart metering
  • Green energy
  • Consumption and tariff analysis

EAG will be in contact with your no-obligation energy quotes which you can sign up for as an individual organisation. Once you participate in the energy basket your contract end dates will terminate on the exact same day as all other members. This facilitates the operation of the basket and means that you can opt to join the basket on an ongoing basis.

EAG will notify you as you approach your renewal date to let you know how the basket is developing and we will ensure your current contracts are terminated. This will ensure that you are able to participate in forthcoming tenders.

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How is your energy management?

How is your energy management?

One of the best ways of reducing energy consumption (and your carbon emissions) is to manage= your energy consumption. You can find out more here>>

Contact details

Contact details

Get in touch with EAG to find out more and receive a no obligation quote.


Phone: 01256 976808


As part of recent growth, the EAG has launched a dedicated website to help clarify many of the common, and not so common, questions about energy. The website doesn’t just seek to address basic questions but also covers topics such as emerging technologies like Electric Vehicles and Battery Storage plus providing case studies.

To get a flavour of what’s on offer, click here>>

The EAG is now in its 8th year and continues to grow, with 178 individual organisations participating in the most recent Energy Buying Basket.

If you would like to get an idea of the 2021 EAG Basket, you can find details here>>