AIM pushes for rapid access to recently announced support package


In this extract from our upcoming  members’ Bulletin, AIM Chair Andrew Lovett outlines the need for speed in the distribution of recently announced Government support.

Whilst uncertainty remains, progress is being made and tentative first steps on our long road to recovery have begun. UK Government support of £1.57bn for the cultural sector in particular is very welcome.

Whilst we understand that work is underway to develop mechanisms through which these funds can be allocated fairly and widely, AIM and other sector bodies and partners are pushing for it to be available without delay. The daily news of redundancy consultations instruct a grim reality for many organisations and I do not want bureaucratic delays to cost jobs.

Those museums which have benefited from government and sector support to date nevertheless still face a cliff-edge.  At the end of the summer the Job Retention Scheme comes to an end, emergency sector funding will have run its course and reserves will be depleted.  There is likely to be limited or no trading opportunities during the summer, resulting in museums facing a winter season – effectively ‘a third winter in one year’ as highlighted by a colleague recently –  with little cash in the bank and increasing costs.

Ensuring museums can rapidly access support funds will be critical to the effectiveness of the rescue package; our public do not want to see our museums disappear and we are making the case regularly, persistently, and loudly on your behalf.