AIM cost of living survey

AIM launches new survey to assess the impact of the cost of living crisis on the sector.

Following on from our January survey, we are keen to assess how museums have fared over the summer holiday period and the impact the current cost of living crisis is having on the sector. We need your help to provide governments and funding bodies with robust and specific information about the impact of rising costs (including on your visitors), and the level of need, both to the end of the calendar year and thinking ahead to 2023.

By completing this survey, you can help us continue to make the case for the support independent museums and heritage require.

Please respond to the best of your current knowledge, as we appreciate the impact for you of the announcement about energy price caps on 8 September might not yet be fully understood. And where you have multiple sites, consider it either for your whole service or for your main site. Due to the nature of the current challenges we will ask some detailed questions about your energy situation and you may find it useful to have figures to hand on your past and projected bills.

I appreciate that you are busy and am grateful for your time to complete this survey.

Thank you, Lisa (AIM Director)

The survey is open to AIM members and non-members and will be open until Sunday 25 September. Results will be shared in early October.

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