AIM Pilgrim Trust Collection Care Audit – Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum

Photo albums in storage at The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum


The museum is in a historic building with various structural issues, primarily damp. We knew that we had problems with the environmental conditions of our store rooms and some exhibition cases, but wanted a conservation audit to provide both a professional assessment of the situation, and advice to the curatorial staff on how to store and preserve items in the collection better.

We had never previously had a full audit, only a brief inspection from which we received no advice afterwards, so our completed report, along with telephone conversations and emails about how to proceed is invaluable.

Our Conservator was very helpful and approachable. We had a few telephone calls before the audit, and further ones afterwards to talk through the report. This was really useful on both sides as she had an understanding of the situation before her audit visit, and I could ask for clarification once I had received her report.

Although I have taken various free course on textile handling, paper preservation etc through our MDO, I do not have any formal conservation training and so her professional experience was invaluable in explaining exactly what should be done – what is good practice and what would cause more harm to the collections.

We have a clear idea on how to progress with collections care work, repackaging items and storing them better, as well as information on the environmental monitors and equipment needed to achieve this. We also have a professional report to take to our landlords to try and get their assistance/support with fixing the rising damp before it causes a greater problem.

We are very grateful to AIM and Pilgrim Trust for funding this project, and ensuring we have a base line to move forwards from with a strong action plan.

We will be applying to AIM shortly for funding to purchase suitable monitors for the exhibition cases and stores. We will also be contacting other conservators to try and get quotes to conserve our swords and edged weapons that are covered in mould from the damp.

Susannah Jarvis, Curator, The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum

Pictured: Photo albums in storage at The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum.

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