AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Holyhead Maritime Museum

Artefact at Holyhead Maritime Museum

AIM grant £1,100

The audit process brought into focus the ongoing concerns about deterioration of materials over time and how to mitigate this through careful planning and awareness of how different materials deteriorate at a different pace.

As a purely volunteer based museum there is a skills gap when understanding conservation and care of artifacts; the AIM Pilgrim Trust grant gave us the opportunity to talk face to face with a professional who was sympathetic but thorough in their approach.

The audit report has been circulated to the whole of the Trustee board and will be discussed at our next meeting with priority given to the financial aspects of purchasing equipment such as data loggers.

The museum archivist will now undertake an overall inspection of the artifacts noted for extra attention and begin a more detailed inspection of how articles are stored.

Impacts are:

  • Trustee awareness of careful conservation and the need to place care on the full agenda every year with budget impact agreed.
  • Opportunity to invite volunteers to be more involved in the care and conservation process helping with succession management.

David Davies, Trustee, Holyhead Maritime Museum

Pictured: Artefact at Holyhead Maritime Museum