AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care grant – The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The Devil’s Porridge Museum – Collections care grant
Collections Complete

This project was generously funded by AIM Pilgrim Trust and enabled the museum to achieve accreditation in November 2018.  The object store was completely re-organised and a systematic approach to accessioning was developed.  New archival object storage boxes and Tyvek and acid free tissue purchased for wrapping.  All objects are now correctly labelled and stored, increasing access.  We have cleared our accessions backlog and created space for future growth within our object store.

The Devil’s Porridge Museum involved volunteers (especially young people) in every stage of Collections Complete.  Volunteers learnt how to accession, label, wrap and store objects.  They also completed object entry paperwork and conducted research on recent donations.  Many of their articles have featured on our blog and social media as well as in the local press.  This has led to more historical objects and accounts being brought forward further enhancing the general public’s engagement with the museum.

Our work as part of this project has brought in lots of new young volunteers and we now have three students completing their Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Museums Galleries Practice with us.  This SVQ is provided by Museums Galleries Scotland.

In the past, The Devil’s Porridge Museum was mainly run by volunteers without the support of museums professionals.  This situation has now changed and the museum and its collection are in a much more secure footing thanks to achieving accreditation.  During the Covid pandemic, this has been essential to our survival as, had we not been accredited, our access to funds would have been severally limited.

The Museum is now also working towards having its World War One collection recognised as being of national significance, a prestigious achievement within the Scottish Museums Sector and one which will further enhance the reputation, renown and security of the history that we share.  The ‘Collections Complete’ project helped lay the foundations for this and The Devil’s Porridge Museum is very grateful for the support we received.

Judith Hewitt, The Devil’s Porridge Museum

Pictured: work experience student Lukasz in The Devils Porridge Museum object store; young people accessioning objects at The Devils Porridge Museum; The Devils Porridge Museum young volunteer Rebekka adding objects to the CMS