Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Dundee Museum of Transport

New dehumidifiers in action at Dundee Museum of Transport

Collections care improvements – museum archives
AIM grant £1,181.98

Dundee Museum of Transport has only been collecting for around ten years. Archive storage had historically been confined to the back room of a workshop however, as the collection developed, this area was increasingly unsuitable. The environmental controls were challenging; there was no heating, the area had suffered from water ingress and dust would filter through from the workshop.

The grant from AIM funded the purchase of dehumidifiers and packing materials, as part of a wider programme to relocate the collection to an off-site store. This new store already provided improved security and even had the luxury of a heating system! However, early monitoring of the %RH indicated that dehumidifers would help staff and volunteers to stabilise the environment. Collections were packed into archival sleeves and relocated.

We would like to thank AIM and the Pilgrim Trust for support in getting expert advice to identify the issues that were within our control to resolve and for enabling us to purchase this equipment.

Alexander Goodger, Museum Manager

Pictured: The new dehumidifiers in action at Dundee Museum of Transport