Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Elgin Museum

Collections care – Improved Collections Care of Elgin Museum’s Art Works
AIM grant: £1,300

Elgin Museum houses and displays an eclectic collection acquired over the past 184 years. Run and managed by volunteers, it is Scotland’s oldest continuously independent museum.

Lack of space is a constant problem; there is no room for a permanent art display, and storage of the art works has been inadequate for some years, hampering access and conservation needs. The aim of the grant was to engage a conservator to advise replacement of the old wooden racking with modern museum-standard racking and checking of the some 250 framed artworks as they were rewrapped in conservation-grade materials, inventoried and clearly labelled.

The balance of the money needed was funded by Art Fund and the work has been completed during the Covid closure, largely by members of our Emergency Executive Group. It is still intended that at some future time we will be able to capitalise on the improved access to bring the art works to the public gaze, and that identified conservation needs can be pursued.

Our Vice-president summarises:” It has been a great opportunity for students and volunteers to interact with our often overlooked art collection, and to help secure its long term conservation.”

Janet Trythall, Elgin Museum Volunteer