Training grant – accessing fundraising support

Although I’m an experienced fundraiser, starting a new job in this sector always throws up new challenges – the attraction after all, is that every heritage and museum attraction is different!

In my new role as Fundraising Manager at Crich Tramway Village, I knew that I was less experienced in Corporate fundraising, where it related to science and technology. My knowledge on fundraising regulations also needed refreshing in a quick and easy-to-absorb way. Taking advantage of the AIM training grant was an effective way of accessing two appropriate online training sessions run by NFP Workshops.

The provider’s delivery, without frills or break out groups, showed instead the advantage of good research and delivery. I picked up key tips about approaching ‘beneath the radar’ companies, potentially through their retirees, and asking them to help solve your challenges. There were clear messages about fundraising complaints procedures, how to approach data pooling, and emailing individuals through their business email accounts, entirely legitimate under GDPR.

Fundraising will always be an art, as much a science, because it depends on interaction between people. This training was one part of the armoury of tools that we all need to help make our heritage charities ‘fundraising fit’.”

Roger Shelley, Fundraising Manager, Crich Tramway Village