Connected Communities marketing guidelines

AIM Connected Communities marketing guidance for projects

All grant holders must acknowledge the support of AIM, DCMS and Arts Council England publicly. You must do this for the duration of the grant contract, not just at the time of announcing the grant or when the project has been completed.

Acknowledgement text to be used on all channels:

AIM Connected Communities is funded by the DCMS Know Your Neighbourhood Fund through Arts Council England.

Press releases

Press releases about your project should acknowledge the support of AIM, DCMS and Arts Council England, using the wording above.

Social media

Any social posts about your project should include @Aimuseums, @DCMS and @ace_national

Promotional material 

When producing publications and promotional materials (electronic or printed) related to your Connected Communities project, we would expect to see the AIM, DCMS and Arts Council England logos included along with the wording provided above. This may include:

  • leaflets and brochures
  • printed newsletters
  • maps and posters
  • postcards
  • educational materials
  • guidebooks
  • annual reports
  • promotional materials such as freestanding signs, banners, stickers, information boards, exhibition stands, labels and stationery
  • advertising, including job vacancies

You must also make sure you include the funder logos on any information you produce about your project, for example, on public consultation or fundraising information or materials. You must also include the logo on all designs or plans you produce, on all specialist reports or surveys, and on all tender documents or job adverts that are funded by your grant.


Your grant must be acknowledged at any event that relates to Connected Communities activity that we have funded. That could include acknowledgement in any pre-event promotional activity e.g. invite, what’s on listing etc, but also at the event e.g. thank you from host / speaker using the wording provided above.



If you’re got any questions, or need any help with the above, please contact Catrin Salvatore, AIM Marketing Officer on