Reopening Checklist – An introduction

Read the ‘Coronavirus Covid-19 NMDC Good Practice Guidelines on the Reopening of Museums after July 4, 2020’!
The Coronavirus Covid-19 NMDC Good Practice Guidelines on the Reopening of Museums after July 4, 2020 (hereafter Guidelines) is a comprehensive document. It should be read first and used as the basis for your decisions around when and how to manage the safe reopening of your museum.

AIM and MDN’s reopening checklist sits alongside the Guidelines to offer you further support when you are making your own plans.

In England, the earliest museums can reopen is in Step 3 of the government’s Roadmap on 4th July 2020 but you do not have to open on this date. You must decide on the best timing for your museum’s particular circumstances.

Remember! Things will change.
It is important to note that any guidance for the safe reopening of museums will inevitably change over time as the situation with COVID 19 changes. Be sure to check you are using the latest sector guidance. Use this checklist to create a record of your decisions. This will be useful if things do change or if you have to take steps back (including closing again). It will also enable different members of the team to see what has been decided.

Principles to inform decision making
1. Government has clearly announced that Museums and Galleries can reopen
2. Security of workers, the public and sites can be sufficiently maintained in light of any operational challenges for COVID-19
3. Workforce safety and wellbeing can be supported
4. Public safety can be assured
5. Buildings and processes can be adapted to support reopening
6. The business case supports reopening
7. Museums are confident that visitors will return, and they can provide services in keeping with their public purpose
8. Transport systems can support museum visitors, workers’ travel and supply chains while noting adaptations to normal practice may be required based on available evidence at the time of opening.
9. Local context including location, museum offer, constitution and business model permit.

Ready to reopen?
Principle 1 must be met i.e. the government has clearly announced that museums and galleries in your part of the UK can reopen.

You will need to explore the other principles (especially no 6 on there being a business case to support reopening) by working through the steps below to determine the viability and safety you can offer for your workforce and visitors.

When to reopen?
The decision on timing is yours, as long as it complies with the current advice in your part of the UK (i.e. meets Principle 1). Some museums may open in July 2020, others later in the summer, others may delay opening for longer.

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